Contemporary Fine Jewelry Staples Every Stylish Girl Needs

a selection of our bestselling huggies When you really think about it, jewelry is ah-mazing. Understatement of the year for a contemporary fine jewelry brand to make? Maybe. But still, hear us out. Jewelry of all shapes, sizes and aesthetics serve as an extra something special when we’re putting together a look. It can be a hint of stylish armor or a lucky talisman. We adorn ourselves before we we take on the world, whether we’re power walking into the office on Monday morning or preparing to turn heads at an after-hours gala.

As 24/7 lovers of beautiful jewelry, we’ve become slightly obsessed with the way the right piece can lift up an outfit and effortlessly express personal style. If you’ve ever had a bad day and then cheered yourself up by indulging in a purchase or clipped an old favorite into place, you know what we mean. As trends come and go, however, your jewelry rotation and favorite pieces can vary. Items get switched out, updated, and rediscovered. Think about yourself (or scroll back to) six months ago. Were you wearing the same jewelry you swear by now?

Despite this constant flux, there will always be a few essential pieces you’ll want on hand for a fully realized jewelry wardrobe. Wondering what they are? Read on to find out which three jewelry staples every stylish girl needs in her rotation.

your everyday, never-take-off favorite

Every girl needs that one no-fail piece of contemporary fine jewelry she can rely on when she’s getting dressed in the morning. A.K.A., her favorite of favorites. Whether ultra-modern or completely classic, this piece needs to be effortlessly comfortable, flattering, and seasonless. A tall order, for sure. In fact, to reach this coveted status, it has to check all of her boxes.

a selection of eternity and halfway micropave diamond ringsSo, what defines a piece this crucial? We’re glad you asked! An everyday piece of jewelry needs to pair with everything in your closet, as well as other jewelry favorites. It might stack beautifully with your collection of rings or look amazing with layered necklaces. On rushed mornings or dressed-down days, you might opt to wear it alone, but this one special piece is always enough.

If you’ll allow us to get sentimental for a second, there’s also this: Beyond style, jewelry can be a powerful part of your life, and that’s where your daily go-to comes in. A familiar bracelet or special ring can even help comfort you when life throws you for a loop (breakups, professional setbacks, you name it!). Jewelry can help you feel like yourself again, treasure the memory of a loved one, or inspire you to do great things.

As you might imagine, jewelry this special doesn’t pop up every day. We usually find these pieces without looking, receive them as a gift or come across it at the right moment. Other times, we’re led to them directly, and get swept up in their beauty. However they end up in your life, be sure you have a go-to piece in your rotation at all times.

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a special occasion dazzler

Ready to show off a little? When you’re approaching a dress-to-impress moment, nothing makes an impact like the right kind of jewelry. Showstopping jewelry staples that sparkle, shimmer and shine can make you feel like royalty while you’re making all the right impressions. And who doesn’t need an instant boost of confidence like that?

one of a kind sliced diamond earrings make a big impressionA piece of truly dazzling contemporary fine jewelry is essential, so you can bring your signature statement look to every special event on your calendar. Whether you’re about to attend your BFF’s wedding or planning an outfit for a luxe holiday gala, you’ll want something with a little more oomph than usual. Pieces like this require a touch of luxe, so go for designs that amp up your glam-factor. Don’t just pick out the fanciest piece you see, however. Jewelry looks best when it’s catered to the person wearing it, so plan your accents around you.

Try picking a statement piece that features your birthstone, a favorite color, or a motif that you adore. Wear something that takes your breath away and makes you excited to look in the mirror. Take it a step further by choosing a fresh off the bench one-of-a-kind piece that no one else will be wearing.

When jewelry “speaks” to you, you’ll know you’ve found the right style to add to your wardrobe. Whether you fall for multiple rows of diamonds or a vibrant pop of color, use this piece to make a memorable entrance.

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your go-to lucky charm

You don’t need to be superstitious to believe that good things happen when you’re wearing your favorite “lucky” jewelry. Whether it’s a brand new style that you were inexplicably drawn to or an heirloom you inherited, this third essential piece seems to create its own magic.

heirloom collection piecesLucky charms of all kinds can be a much-needed reminder that someone is always watching over you, be it your nearest-and-dearest, or the universe itself. Your own talisman might be a bold pendant you wear before asking for that promotion... or a personalized initial necklace from ultra-supportive parents.

These pieces of contemporary fine jewelry remind us of comfort, protection, and love—that others want us to do well and pull through in the face of any challenge. They can bring out your inner boss babe or reconnect you with your sentimental side. But when they bring this much positive energy to your life and they’re incredibly chic? That’s a recipe for a jewelry essential.

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why do we need all three

While each of these categories serve specific purposes, together they form a core set of must-have jewelry staples, laying the foundation for a wider jewelry wardrobe to take root and flourish. Life (and fashion) moves fast. Your tastes will evolve and your favorites will change, but as long as you have these three go-to pieces at hand, you’ll be ready for anything.

xo liven