An Expert Guide to Jewelry Gift Giving: Choose the Perfect Jewelry Gift

Ah, gift giving. For some, it’s a whimsical exercise in treasure hunting and bow-tying set to a soundtrack of new age holiday jingles. For others, it’s a stress-inducing debacle that includes the shedding of a few frantic tears. Choosing the right jewelry gifts for someone you love is never easy.

You want a gift that they’ll love for years to come, of course. Something extra special. Something that will make their eyes light up when they see it for the first time… but how can you be sure you’ll get this joyful end result?

Will they hate it? Do they already have one? Is it inappropriate for the occasion...?

While the ideal gift search can be stressful, your loved ones deserve wonderful tokens of appreciation and love. Luckily we’re experts at creating magical gift-giving moments, and we’ve taken a few notes along the way. Read on to our foolproof guide to choosing the perfect jewelry gift.

What’s the occasion?

There are endless moments and milestones that inspire jewelry gift giving, but only a few will call for an unforgettable keepsake. Different occasions will inspire different kinds of sentimental value, and that can really help you narrow down your selection.

For anniversaries, a popular traditional jewelry gift is a set of eternity bands. These can be stacked on year after year, creating a visually stunning representation of a couple’s commitment. A gift of this nature shows that you’ve considered the couple’s time together and are celebrating their future, too.

Are you welcoming a loved one’s baby into the world? Commemorating the birth of a child is such a special occasion, and having something specifically tied to that child is even more meaningful. A birthstone or initial are always a great piece for a new mom, and later pass on to the child.

What will the impact of this gift really be?

When gifted, jewelry is so much more than a pretty finishing touch. It can enhance someone’s life and forever modify their routine. It can inspire nostalgia, excitement and motivation. With that in mind, ask yourself what you want the recipient to feel when they open your gift.

For a milestone as ripe with promise and hope as a graduation, for instance, gifting a solid classic that can be worn daily can be the perfect solution. A staple piece of jewelry given in honor of graduation can help inspire stability at a time of great change and evolution. Now that’s a meaningful gift. Read our guide to jewelry wardrobe staples here, where you’ll find even more gift ideas.

What does your recipient actually like?

This might just be the most important part, so don’t skip it! It’s crucial to do a bit of investigating and find out what your loved one actually likes before the hunt for the perfect jewelry gift begins. Jewelry is definitely specific, so the better you know them, the more likely you’ll thrill them.

For those with strong style sensibilities and aesthetic preferences, it can be hard to shelve your own preferences when it comes to jewelry gift giving… but be sure to keep the focus on the person who’ll be opening the box.

First, try to glean some inspiration from their personal style. What kind of clothes do they wear? What’s their current favorite piece of jewelry? What kind of art do they have hanging in their home or at their office desk? Do they favor bold strokes, delicate details, or a mixture of both?

Next, investigate trends you see in the things they love. A friend who adores anything with stars might be enchanted by star motif jewelry. A minimalist dresser with just-the-basics style might love classic, basic jewelry. A friend who is working on her very own hand-candy collection might favor a stunning stackable ring to add to the mix.

Any additional clever investigative work you can do, like scouring their Pinterest profile, could prove useful in your search for ideas. It may sound exhaustive, but it’ll pay off when you see the smile on their face after they unveil your gift.

Ask the right questions

Sometimes getting the exact answer you need is a matter of asking the right questions. Get a feel for your recipient’s excitement about a potential jewelry gift by pointing out something similar in a magazine or movie. If they respond with glee, you’re on the right track!

Talk to mutual friends—and even their family—if you need more of an inside scoop. They’ll be able to reveal preferences for stones. Are they a glamorous diamond-loving diva or boho-chic natural gemstone enthusiast? Remember: family members are likely to know what your loved one has been eyeballing, but has yet to buy for themselves.

Perhaps our best tip to avoid indecisive jewelry gift giving stress? Don’t be afraid to go straight to the source and (slightly) spoil the surprise if you really aren’t sure. It can be just as fun to have your loved one pick out three things… and then surprise them with one.

If we’re being real, most of us would rather have a gift identified prematurely than be given something they don’t actually love or won’t wear. Asking the person directly can also make the gift giving process collaborative and fun, so why not?

If all else fails and you’re really stuck, the experts are always here to help. Contact us via email or phone. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you find the P-E-R-F-E-C-T jewelry gift.