Keep Your Eye on These 5 Fall Jewelry Trends

As the leaves begin to change color and the warm summer evenings become cool autumn nights, there are also new fall jewelry trends to discover! From autumn colored gemstones to fall-themed jewelry shapes, there are a lot of exciting options to explore this season. Keep your jewelry collection fresh and up to date with Liven’s guide to some of this year’s most fantastic fall jewelry trends.

1. Huggie EarringsHuggie-Earrings

Huggie earrings are back in a big way –– and this fall is no exception. Huggies are earrings whose settings “hug” the earlobe, for a variation on a traditional hoop earring. This style is the perfect way to wear a slightly more dramatic earring in a daytime or workplace setting, and they can easily make the transition from day to night. There are streamlined versions made of gold for a clean, crisp look, or heirloom huggie earrings adorned with diamonds, offering a little more dazzle.

2. Diamond Slice JewelryDiamond-Slice-Jewelry

No list of fall jewelry trends would be complete without mentioning diamond slice jewelry. Compared to traditional diamond jewelry, diamond slice jewelry tends to favor a more rustic look that creates a slightly earthier, yet still elegant look and feel. Diamond slice jewelry is made from real diamonds, but the cuts emphasize the naturally-occurring inclusions in a stone, which gives them a rougher, more opaque appearance.

We love working with these natural beauties to create elegant pieces that combine precious metals and traditional diamonds for one-of-a-kind, multi-textured pieces of jewelry.

3. Open Concept RingsConcept-Rings

One of the most popular fall jewelry trends we’re seeing this season are open concept rings, like our cuff ring with an open shape that creates an airy, relaxed style. From substantial versions that make a statement, to more delicate options that incorporate diamonds and gold, this is a fun, laid-back style to incorporate into your autumn wardrobe and that will work well with your existing pieces.


4. Lovely Labradorite Labradorite

Labradorite is a stunning gemstone with a gorgeous iridescent sheen and a color that ranges from smoky gray to vivid blue-greens. The dramatic, dreamy hues of this lovely stone make it perfect for fall, as the temperatures cool, the daylight wanes, and styles start to feel a little more atmospheric. As far as autumn jewelry trends go, you’ll likely start to see this gorgeous gemstone pop up in everything from stylish rings to clean, elegant bangles.

5. Leaf-Shaped JewelryShaped-Jewelry

Nothing says autumn like a delicate piece of fine jewelry inspired by its most iconic symbol –– the leaf. At Liven, we often look to the environment around us when creating new designs, including a few leaf-shaped pieces in our Willow jewelry collection. Whether you’re looking for a pair of small leaf post earrings to add some pop to your outfit, a rose gold leaf ring to add a little seasonal sparkle to your stack, or a yellow gold leaf bracelet to give your arm some charm, we’ve got you covered!

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