The Process of Making Fine Jewelry with Liven

We’re often asked for insights on how to make fine jewelry. To be completely honest, each piece is the product of a long process that requires discipline and dedication to the craft. At Liven, we believe that beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry is more than a sum of its parts. It involves a certain degree of knowledge, a great deal of passion, and a sprinkling of inspiration to create pieces that will become a part of the wearers’ lives for years to come.

designing fine jewelry pieces

tourmaline rings on hand

Before we even think about actually making our jewelry, we need each piece to have a solid foundation. Designer Ann Ko draws inspiration from one of a kind gemstones and classic styles. Her instincts and experience allow her to conceptualize pieces that evoke timeless beauty combined with a unique, fresh perspective.

At the heart of our creative process, we try to envision how a piece might be worn, and by whom. What sort of memories will it bring? How will it look? How will it feel? These considerations enable us to add that personal touch that makes each Liven piece special.

selecting the best materials

Carefully chosen materials are crucial to the process of making jewelry. We insist on using only high-quality materials that live up to our standards. Our commitment to social responsibility is evident in the ethically sourced materials and gems that we select, including conflict-free diamonds.

wax carving and gold casting

Crafting elegant fine jewelry involves several stages of carving and cast making. At this stage, a wax carving is produced in the shape of the gemstone, and it will be used in combination with plaster to make the model for the final piece.

mandala rose cut diamond earrings in rose gold

Once the plaster has hardened, it becomes a mold that we then use to shape and model molten gold into the final design. We then cast this model with gold, soldering and welding the final piece into perfection before adding gems or diamonds.

gem setting

After we’ve made the cast for our newest design, we can move on to the next step in the process of making jewelry: gem setting and polishing! Producing handmade jewelry can be more time consuming and expensive than other methods, such as outsourcing to a fabricator. At Liven, we treasure the opportunity to take control of quality and return to time-honored jewelry techniques. We set all of our diamonds and stones by hand to ensure precision, and our artisans hand-weld our designs to ensure durability and attention to detail.

about liven

a selection of liven pieces including classic pave and one of a kind colored stones

Liven is home to handcrafted fine jewelry that merges luxury and wearability. Shop our latest designs, including impeccably detailed earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Add a piece of fine jewelry from our collections to yours.

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