Embracing the Beauty of Rustic Diamond Jewelry

Rustic Diamond Jewelry

Rustic diamonds offer a more natural subtle beauty.  Instead of the highly faceted stones we typically think of when hearing "diamonds," jewelers are taking advantage of the natural color variations of raw diamonds. They take advantage of the natural shape and feel without adding cuts or polish. The results are gorgeously crafted rustic diamond styles that show off the stones' earthy beauty.

each piece is completely unique

one of a kind diamond slice necklace

Jewelers treasure the opportunity to work with raw diamonds to create rough cut diamond jewelry because no two are ever alike. That’s often why raw diamond pieces make excellent gifts—they represent the individuality of their wearer.

organic shaped stones, less waste

At Liven, we create our rustic diamond jewelry using the rose cut style. These diamonds are not cut as dramatically as other diamonds. Traditionally, diamonds can lose up to 50-60% of their size in the cut and polish process.  However, raw diamonds are closer to the original size and shape as found in nature, giving your stone that beloved earthy, natural, rustic look and texture.

ideal for alternative brides

Raw Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Rough cut diamond jewelry has gained recent popularity. This look has landed in the spotlight as an eye-catching engagement ring style. The symbolic value of a raw diamond engagement ring is undeniable: because each raw diamond is one-of-a-kind, these pieces can be a wonderful way to show the unique nature of your love.

combining glamorous elements and earthy style

Raw diamond designs are special in their ability to combine refined jewelry elements, such as gold and other precious metals, with the down-to-earth elegance of raw diamonds. This delightful mixture of polished materials with the all-natural look of diamond slices produces a stunning contrast of colors and textures within a single piece of jewelry. Many raw diamond necklaces, rings, and earrings also combine traditionally cut diamonds, enhancing the overall look of raw diamond jewelry.

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We’re dedicated to creating unique, handcrafted jewelry that is universally appealing and on-trend, yet timeless. This is evident in our collection of handmade raw diamond necklaces, earrings, and rings. We use only ethically sourced materials and conflict-free diamonds to create fine jewelry pieces, with a focus on quality design and craftsmanship.

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