The Power of Gemstones: Learn About Gemstones and Their Meanings

We all know that gemstones are eye-catching and make gorgeous embellishments for jewelry, clothing, and even home decor. But you might know a little less about gemstone powers and special gemstone meanings. Throughout history, civilizations around the globe have long attributed special properties and powers to certain gemstones, claiming that the unique aspects of each stone give it special healing qualities and a distinct energy.

Whether you take these claims literally or think about them more metaphorically, it can be fun and empowering to learn about gemstones and their legendary powers. Knowing the folklore and historic importance behind gems adds a rich layer to the story behind the jewelry we wear. Read on for more information about some of our favorite gemstones and their meanings.


labradorite ethos post back stud earringsLabradorite is typically an iridescent blue-green, reminiscent of water and of natural beauty. The stone has been used for hundreds of years and gets its name from Labrador, the Canadian territory where it was originally found in the 18th century. This gemstone’s power lies in its ability to convey protection and strength upon its wearer while fortifying your mental and spiritual capabilities.

Labradorite is a prized stone for jewelry. Its blue-green sheen looks spectacular in a variety of settings, making it a natural focal point for any piece. Our Ethos Labradorite Posts are a modern way to wear this gem. A band of diamonds set in 14k gold encircles each stone, contrasting with its coloring to show off its richness and depth. We’re sure you’ll feel more powerful when wearing an earring as striking as this one!


Emerald Cut aquamarine necklaceLike labradorite, aquamarine also evokes the color of the sea, though the meaning of this gemstone differs from labradorite in important ways. Aquamarine is said to offer a sense of peace, tranquility, and regeneration for those who wear it—just like a visit to a calm body of water. Its gemstone powers include stress reduction and increased ability for personal reflection, so if you find yourself feeling frazzled, you may need to get your hands on a piece of this brilliant stone.

One glance at this lovely Emerald Cut Aquamarine Necklace is sure to soothe your mind. The clarity and straightforward elegance of the central, emerald cut aquamarine stone make you feel dreamy and relaxed. The halo of dainty diamonds that surrounds it accents the shape and pale blue color of the stone without overpowering it, while rose gold is the perfect complement and makes the hue of the gem look even richer and more vivid. 


selection of rings with rubies from livenDue to its lush, vivid red coloring, ruby’s powers are often related to emotions. Ruby is said to increase courage and passion. Another power of this gemstone is increased mental focus and intellectual prosperity—a great stone to wear if you’re trying to get through an important work project, a strenuous time at school, or any other pursuit that requires clarity of mind.

Our Ruby Eternity Band with Compass Point Diamonds would make a stunning reminder to focus on what matters. One glance at your hand would be enough to remind you of what it takes to achieve your goals. This thin, 14k gold ring is encrusted with petite ruby stones and four diamonds at the compass points, for a ring that would look fantastic stacked among your other favorite bands.



Sapphire Drop EarringsThroughout the ages, many of the gemstone meanings associated with sapphire had to do with power. Sapphires were so prized in so many cultures, including the Romans and the Greeks, that sapphires were associated with royalty who could embellish their jewelry and outfits with this exquisite deep blue stone. Wearing sapphire is said to offer healing gemstone powers like wisdom, decreased mental fatigue and mental tension, joy, good luck, and peace of mind.

You’ll surely feel joyful wearing these dazzling One of a Kind Sapphire Drop Earrings, which use unique earth-toned sapphires as their central stone. The 14k yellow gold setting shows off the facets and color of the sapphires, and tiny halo diamonds help reflect the light. With a total weight of over 50 carats, these earrings ensure you’ll have a lot of sapphire’s magnificent qualities on your side.


elegant cascading white topaz leverback earrings with diamondsTopaz has been called “one of the most powerful gemstones” and occurs in a variety of colors, including white, blue, pink, and purple. The gemstone powers of topaz generally have to do with the emotions and include protection against depression, worry, fear, and exhaustion. It is also one of the hardest gemstones, making it fantastic for durable, high-quality pieces of jewelry.

If you feel like you need some of the emotionally balancing powers of topaz in your life, consider our elegant white topaz earrings. These stunners showcase beautifully cut white topazes in gold and diamond haloes.


turquoise ring, with a pair of liven turquoise earringsTurquoise, in Native American cultures, has been called the link between the earth and the sky and its gemstone powers include the power to connect with the endless possibilities of the universe. In Eastern cultures, turquoise is associated with the throat chakra, which relates to communication and honesty. Turquoise has been prized for its ability to attract luck, energy, money, love, and success.

With our triple turquoise ring, a trio of round rose cut turquoise stones gets dressed up with a 14k gold setting and diamonds. This ring is a delicate and understated way to show off this stone, and the sleek silhouette is very modern and on-trend. We hope you’ll add a little more luck and a little more style into your life with this pretty, refined ring.

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