Monochromatic Ear Stacks

Multiple ear piercings can seem like a big commitment - some days, choosing just one pair of earrings is a challenge, let alone choosing, two, three, four or more! However, the variety of choices available to a multi-pierced ear opens new avenues for story-telling and self-expression. Not every multi-pierced ear has to look busy, cluttered, or messy - you can create a clean, minimalist look by choosing a motif and wearing variations on that motif in each hole. Read on for some of our favorite monochromatic ear stacks.


circle ear stackA circle motif is a great choice for a classic ear; We have lots of sizes available, so you can customize this look based on the positions of your piercings, and the overall look you’re going for. We love an all-pave look, like this one using our 6.5mm, 3.7mm and 4.5mm diameter posts. These clean, elegant discs offer lots of shine from the edge-to-edge micropave diamonds, while the contrasting sizes add subtle texture and dynamism to your ear. Wearing three of the same size will offer an even neater, cleaner ear scape

Open circles create interest by adding negative space, and we love the bubbling texture of this combination of open circles and discs - lots of subtle contrast and simple clean lines.


triangle ear scapeTriangles are a great shape to represent balance, stability and the powerful impact of the number three. Also, equilateral triangles have what we think of as ideal proportions - Graduated sized triangles bring to mind mountain ranges, pyramids, or arrows directing our progress. 

Arranged point-upward, they are neat, orderly and geometric. Twisted slightly, like in the photo, they are dynamic, sophisticated and reminiscent of a nineties graphic style.


 squares and kites

square post earringskite earscape

Squares represent wholeness, contentment and strength. Kites are for whimsy, fun and freedom. These shapes offer multiple options to wear, as they can be rotated and worn in different ways.


squares and kites

a note on color

Choosing your gold color is very personal! Depending on your skin tone, existing jewelry and your preference, you may already have a favorite. White gold is sleek and modern; rose adds warmth and romance; yellow gold is timeless and classic. You may choose to wear one gold color throughout, or combine multiple colors for eye-catching tone.


teardrop shape earringsPear shapes represent femininity, and tears of joy. We love to wear them point-up, for a classic look, but you can switch them point-down, to resemble a pin dropped on a map - anchoring you, and guiding your way.

The joy of these simple motifs is the rich meaning behind basic shapes. Using your accessories to narrate your life's story and to mark special events, precious memories and important moments is what we're all about.

star studs


star ear scape

We love five-pointed stars as a simple shape - the balance and jauntiness is just fun! Celestial themes are a favorite here at Liven; who can help but be inspired by the night skies? This is the busiest monochromatic ear we created, not so much negative space here! This look suggested itself when we launched our newest star stud, the large, and how it looks scattered across a lobe with our classic pave and extra petite stars. 



We hope this monochromatic ear stacks guide has inspired you to think differently about multi-pierced ears - you can create a simple, sophisticated look by choosing a theme and adding variety through sizing, textures, negative space and color choice. If you have any questions or need any advice creating your signature look, just ask our personal shopping service - we'd love to help!

XO Liven