Finding The Right Huggies For You

Let’s get started with finding the right size for you! Everyone's lobe is different and each piercing is different, which can make choosing the right size daunting! Below is our step by step guide to choosing the best minimum huggie size for your ear.

Because all Liven Huggies are made with straight bars that echo the way all piercings are originally pierced, and not curved, we don’t rely on a diameter measurement – we measure from the bar to the hinge. This is the most important dimension to know in order to determine whether the huggie will fit comfortably.

step 1 measure

Step 1: Measure from your piercing to your lobe. In a mirror, hold a ruler to your ear, with the first marking at your piercing. Check which marking aligns closest with the edge of your earlobe. For our example in this photo, the bottom of the lobe is at the 7mm marking.

Step 2: Add 1mm to your measurement. This step is really important! Because your lobe is not flat, you need to add a little bit of wiggle room to make sure the huggie is not uncomfortable, and that it doesn't pinch or press into your lobe at the bottom.

 Step 3: This is your magic number! Any of the huggies from our selection that show an internal diameter of 8mm or more should fit comfortably on your earlobe! Of course, everyone is a little different, so if you need some more guidance, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to help! 

step 4 too small 

Step 4: Now, as you browse our huggies collection in search of your next go-to pair, take note of the approximate internal diameter listed. The image shows how that measurement is taken. This style (our Petite High Polish Huggie) would be too small for our example lobe measured above, but may be just right for a second hole piercing!

Step 5: Here's one that hugs our example ear lobe beautifully! This is our Small High Polish Huggie, with an internal diameter of 8mm, equal to our magic number from step 3. This huggie fits our example lobe fairly snugly without squeezing or pinching.


step 6 on ear  

Step 6: Voila! Here is the Small High Polish Huggie worn on our example lobe. As you can see, there is enough clearance at the bottom of the lobe for comfort, but the final look is sleek, snug and ideal for everyday comfort.





Now that you’ve found the right size for you, keep reading to see a glimpse of the myriad of styles available and find the perfect pair for you!

From tiny to impactful, sleek high polish gold to fabulous colored stones, our bountiful huggies collection has something for everyone. Huggies are our number one secret weapon for adding a touch of everyday luxury to everyone’s wardrobe!

All of our huggies have a straight bar with a friction closure, and a reliable hinge for comfort and wearability. Imagine a pair of hoops, in your chosen size, width, stones, style…we have so many choices available you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re a pared-down classicist with one lobe piercing, or a boho babe with an earful of holes, huggies are a great choice, all around!


everyday simplicity: the core collection

small huggies with and without diamonds
Our one-size-fits-most number one recommendation is The Small Diamond Huggies. Beautifully detailed with classic micropave diamonds hand-set across the front. We love these for gifting (either to a loved one or to yourself, you deserve it!) and for everyday wear.

The corresponding high polish huggie, without diamonds, is similar in size with soft curves and a smooth polish finish.

mini huggies in diamonds and high polish gold
The Petite Huggies really showcase the skills of our amazing Production Team. A scaled-down version of our everyday huggies, these mini hoops pack a major punch! The same smooth post friction closure in a hard-to-find petite size. It is ideal for additional holes, or piercings that are lower on the lobe. We also have customers who wear them in their tragus, forward helix or rook piercings; they can be used all along the helix if the size is right!

This innovative mini size is available with or without diamonds.

Color pop! 

Colored stones are our passion! Our in-house production team carefully selects the finest rough material, and meticulously hand cuts each piece that ranges from the the tiniest stone to the most amazing huge one of a kind pieces. 


Our huggies collection offers so many options to add a pop of color! Try timeless, elegant pearls, vivacious rainbow sapphires, magical moonstones, bold turquoises, and so much more. 


more is more

larger huggies for impactSometimes an everyday look needs a little boost, and our Huggies collection presents many options for some “va-va-voom!”. With 12mm and 15mm sizes available in diamond or high polish finish, the larger diameter gives more of a classic hoop silhouette. If impactful width is what you’re looking for, we have some beautiful wider huggies in both high polish, and with pops of sparkle like these wide baguette diamond huggies.

bold huggies
A favorite of our team is the Heirloom Huggies; two elegant rows of diamonds, bracketing either stunning textured high polish gold, or a row of elegant channel-set baguette diamonds. These are available in our favorite everyday diameter, for a terrific go-to earring choice with a little more sparkle.

Other favorites include Fringed Huggies to add life and movement to your look, Wide Diamond Huggies for showstopping style, and our Tapered Diamond Huggies for a slightly retro silhouette.


fun motifs

Show your fun side with a quirky, zany or symbolically meaningful style. Snakes represent renewal, eternity and rebirth – try these super cute snake huggies! – evil eyes for protection; trios of diamonds to represent the past, present and future; stars for a spark of the divine; or our Twist motif to symbolize security, safety and togetherness.

snake huggies

Stones can also take on vital meanings. Diamonds are associated with love and strength; rainbow moonstone is the foundation of femininity; turquoise brings hope and tranquility; and sapphires for purity and wisdom.

Curating your jewelry wardrobe can be as much about symbols as aesthetics; when we assign meaning to objects, they take on talismanic power, and act as anchors for our purposes, or compasses to guide our way.




If you have any questions regarding huggie choices, or really anything at all, feel free to reach out to our huggie-obsessed team on (213) 293-6088, or email us at

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