How to Propose (Beyond a Ring in a Champagne Glass)

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While we love champagne as much as anyone, there are plenty of fun ways to get engaged that don’t necessarily involve dropping her pretty new ring into a champagne glass. The best proposals reflect a couple’s shared values or hobbies and help make the memory of this special moment even more intimate and personal. Read our tips for unique ways to propose.

on a hike

If you’re an outdoorsy duo, there’s nothing like finding unique ways to propose that celebrates your love of nature. Slip the ring, a split of champagne, and something sweet into your hiking pack. When you get to the top of your hike you can drop to one knee, and then have a little picnic to celebrate all of the other adventures in store for the two of you.

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a scavenger hunt

While there’s a fair amount of advance planning involved, a scavenger hunt proposal can be a great way to revisit places that have become important to you over the course of your relationship. Plus, writing out clues for each stop on the hunt will help you get in the right mindset to think about what you want to say to your loved one at the end of the hunt to tell her just how much she means to you.

get others involved 

baguette ring for an engagement or wedding ring

This is one of the unique ways to propose that helps you bring your family in on the surprise. Propose in a large place, like a park, where family and friends can gather without being seen by your fiance-to-be. You can plan things so your proposal is a private moment, or so that you are within the sight of those you love. Either way, after she says yes, you can all enjoy a little picnic or party with balloons, champagne, and cake, and toast to combining families.

or recruit your pets

Furry friends are just as much a part of our family as people, and your dog or cat may be the perfect ally when it comes to unique ways to propose. All you need to do is slip the ring around your pet’s collar a moment before you’re ready to ask the question. She won’t be able to resist the combination of a beautiful ring, her adorable pet, and of course, the love of her life!

breakfast in bed

morganite is an amazing choice of stone for alternative bridal

Proposals over dinner or dessert are lovely, but as far as unique ways to propose, there’s something so intimate and sweet about a home proposal over breakfast, when the two of you will have the rest of the day to enjoy each other and spread your good news. Make a tray of her favorite breakfast foods and deliver it to her when she wakes up. You can place the ring on top of a stack of pancakes, or tie her silverware with a strand of ribbon and slip the ring through.

spell it out

Using sidewalk chalk, write out Will You Marry Me? in big bold letters somewhere where your fiance to be will see. This can be a corner of your favorite park, the street where you first met, or even your own driveway. You can even enlist a friend or chalk artist to do the writing while the two of you enjoy a romantic date—just be sure to coordinate timing so that all you need to do is get her to the right place.

get to yes

No matter how you propose, the ring you choose will also serve as an important reminder of your commitment to one another. Liven offers beautiful rings and stunning bridal jewelry that she’s sure to fall head over heels for. Shop our pieces today to find something unforgettable.